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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by IncomeHelp, Jul 25, 2001.

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    As I mentioned my scores on 7/2/01 from a Mortgage application report were:
    Beacon (Equifax) 627
    Empirica (Trans Union) 639
    Fair Isac (Experian) 638

    I tried to order reports with scores from all three but only Equifax would let me.
    The other two gave me errors and I wonder if that is because I have disputes running with them. I have a major dispute going with Equifax but they let me so I don't know.

    on 7/23 I ordered my Equifax report with score and it said 645, an increase of 18 points. The only difference I see is that I have an account with diputed listed by it.

    I took the chance and applied online for a target card. Well it was approved with a $200 limit. That is not much but better than nothing. This will be my 2nd positive item. My only other positive is a First National Bank of Marin with a $400 limit.

    So now after 12 months of cleanup I have only a couple of negatives and now a couple of positives. Its getting better all the time.

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    I got an offer (?) from 1st Natl bank of Marin, also.. I don't know where it came from. I've been getting a couple a week since I got my Cap1 card. Did they have an outrageous amount of $$ they wanted (monthly fee, annual fee, etc) to open your account?

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