Scores and mortagage...SHOULD

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by keisha, Feb 20, 2001.

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    My husband and I bought a house and my name is not on the mortgage but I was told that I could have it added through the simple assumptions department.I would love to have it added to my report. My score is a 515 right now and I want to know by how much would my score raise to add the mortgage to my credit report. It shows "current" on his report and "pays on time".
    Should I, I want to have my score raised I am only 23 and these scores I know are HORRIBLE.......please help
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    RE: Scores and mortagage...SHO

    It wouldn't hurt, but the RULE OF THUMB, here, no matter how much good credit you have, its negated severely by fresh bad credit.

    you might have 20 positive active trades, and 2 semi-recent charge-off's and have the same score you have.

    You need to work on cleaning up your reports, one good trade won't make a different.

    I have 6 positive lines(4 open active), 4 baddies on my equifax, score: 522.


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