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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Lana, Jan 11, 2001.

  1. Lana

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    Okay miss thang! G-whiz, I was just trying to help. No need for attitudes. It isn't tolerated on this board. You sound like you really "need credit and will try to get anything. Maybe I'm wrong, but if you couldn't find it on the website, I was giving you another alternative. Some people don't have a Macys in their area so how am I suppose to know if you even knew what Macy's was? Dang, don't get snooty, newcomer. =P

    You type that to me and tell me to post friendlier messages!!!! I think you had the attitude NOT me
  2. Lana

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    I didnt throw attitudes or call names YOU the post you wrote again!! you call me ms thang, snooty and you say I called names...all i said was i cant find it on the website, dont matter where i live? that wasnt' being snooty, that was being blonde (which I am) soooo furthermore i have nothing to say to YOU
  3. S.D.

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    RE: AND

    When I said "calling others names" I wasn't necissarily directing it to you. There was a big thing about language and name calling from others, so I was speaking in general. Maybe I took your post the wrong way, but it seemed like you were throwing a bit of an attitude. If you read my other post, you would see that I wrote "we welcome you to the board" and that I didn't mean to sound like a @!#$. I was trying to be nice, but like you said, you were being blonde. Enough said.
    BTW, that's a joke. =0)
  4. roni

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    Lana, I hope...

    You calm down before you start negotiating your mom's credit. You just might make your not-so-bad situation a disaster. Now watch yourself before you start up with me. 4warned.


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