sears changing to master card

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Paul, Sep 13, 2000.

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    Just read today in the buffalo news that sears is changing it's cards to master card so that its customers can have the benefit of master card customers.Some 5 million current sears card members were notified in june 2000 another 20 million will be notified by dec 2000.Also sears will be soon promoting their new sears master card to none sears card holders.
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    RE: sears changing to master c

    This will give me another source for cash advances.

    Exercise your credit.
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    RE: sears changing to master c

    The new Sears Gold card was issued to select sears customers. Mostly customers who of coarse were in good standing , and didn't use their accounts frequently. The main reason they didn't use their accounts regularly was that the interest rates were to high, or they prefered to use only one credit card for all their purchasing needs. This type of account is not yet available to non sears card holders. One can not apply for this type of account as of yet. It's only by invitation/account conversion. It's still in it's begining stages. Millions of customers have already recieved their new cards, and usage has been up. Basically it's been a great success. It will eventually be avialable to the public. The only way you can apply for a regular sears card is to apply in the store using their rapid credit feature, or online, or thru solicitation.

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