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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by mvfl, Mar 8, 2001.

  1. mvfl

    mvfl Guest

    I just applied online for the Sears card. I didn't get a denial, but I didn't get an approval either.

    "Unfortunately, we are unable to complete our review at this time. We will be sending you a letter regarding our decision or to request additional information. Thank you for applying for a Sears Card!"

    Has anyone else gotten this response online and did you get approved or decline?
  2. once38

    once38 Well-Known Member

    I think that sometimes you have a better chance for instant approval when you apply in the day time during regular business hours.Still when you get that dreaded message it could still go either way.You'll soon find out.
  3. Geo

    Geo Well-Known Member

    I whink everybody got that message. probably they will send you a letter requesting a copy of your phone or utility bills
  4. Marie

    Marie Well-Known Member

    I got the same thing. Called and they said it's still processing. The person I talked W/did NOT impress me at all. If this is the type of person Sears hires, I don't want to do business w/them. DUMBDUMBDUMB.
  5. Hal

    Hal Well-Known Member

    The only value to this card is that you can rent a car from Budget (owned by Sears) and put the charge on your Sears card. I like this as most car rental companies "memo post" or tie up funds on a visa/mc over and above what the actual rental will be. I have had it take 2 wks for the "memo post" to clear so my true credit line was available.

    Sears interest charges are currently at 21% and if you are late on a single payment your rate increases to 23.9% immediately. They are notorious for posting payments late, even if you pay in the store with cash.

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    SEARS has 0.00% for a given period of time, and 10% off for SEARS card holders on special days.

    JUST F.Y.I.

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

  8. Brandon

    Brandon Guest

    I have a Sears account and have been very pleased. It does state that it can take longer to post in the store if you read the back of your statement which says YOUR PAYMENT. Although if it is a regular Sears store like you find in a shopping mall and your payment is made before 1:00 it will usually post that day. Also you have to be late two months in a row for the higher interest rate to accrue and it is actually 24%. At that point it would require you to pay six months in a row on time to get back to the regular interest rate. The zero% offers are the best of their kind. Especially that compared to furniture stores where if you do not pay off your purchase by the expiration date they charge you back interest...Sears does not.

    Regarding this post (I got the same thing. Called and they said it's still processing. The person I talked W/did NOT impress me at all. If this is the type of person Sears hires, I don't want to do business w/them. DUMBDUMBDUMB.) Maybe you have some fraudulent information or a raunchy looking credit bureau so they just don't want to tell you ahead of time that you were declined. I would expect a decline letter soon.
  9. AnnMarie

    AnnMarie Well-Known Member

    I applied online for my husband last night around midnight and got an immediate approval--725. Hey, it's an approval :)
    I personally wanted a Sears card for the appliances and electronics that go on sale with no interest andor payments for extended periods of time--works for me, "free" money

    Anybody know about their line increases?
  10. Brandon

    Brandon Guest

    Re: Increases

    You have to have good pay history with them for at least nine months, then you can request an increase.
  11. Ron

    Ron Well-Known Member

    Re: Increases

    If you maintain very good history with them, they sent you Sears Gold MasterCard like my brother. As soon as you activiated Sears Gold M/C, they cancelled your Sears card. That will replaced old Sears Card. Anyone got new Sears Gold M/C?

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