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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by StinkyCred, Nov 5, 2000.

  1. StinkyCred

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    I have a Cap1 and a Providian. I missed the secured Optima, would have loved to have had that one. Does AMEX have any other secured, does anyone know? I had a BK in 1998, and am trying to reestablish. Thanks
  2. dave

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    AMEX no longer has a secured card. And definitely don't apply for any other AMEX card, as you will be immediately declined; they maintain extremely strict lending standards...
  3. Killer

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    Last week I was determined to get AMEX to make an exception and allow another Secured Optima application. I started by calling a rep at Centurion Bank. With no luck there, I was able to get a phone number to the reps who were not at Centurion. No luck there either. Then I called AMEX headquarters (I think that's in NYC). I talked to several people there. I talked to so many people I lost count. I had a total of 5 different toll-free numbers and 2 non-toll free numbers.

    It was an executive at the headquarters who shared some interesting information and gave me some good advice. He said that AMEX plans to introduce a whole new secured card. It should begin and I quote "about 3 months into next year". He said that AMEX wasn't happy with current card and neither was consumers. He said the new card will be much better (he didn't give any specifics). He advised me to open an acccount at Centurion Bank (checking and/or savings) and build up a pot to dump into the new secured card.

    Finally after talking to so many nice people at AMEX I wouldn't be surprised if they process my application after all. The last person I talked to said he had been trying to "sneak" in a few but it wasn't working. I got the feeling that this guy was going to keep trying. This shows the great service AMEX has.
  4. Cadillac408

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    Good Detective Work Killer!

    Nice work! Thanks for *reporting* back to the boards to share this info. I'm sure there are a lot of people that are going to find this information very interesting.

    I wonder if the new secured card is going to be an Optima card? Wouldn't that be cool if they had a Am/Ex Blue secured card? That would be a number one seller.....the mother of all secured cards.....especially if it reported!

    I just hope that Am/Ex really takes this secured card business serious by setting up a valuable program to help peopel w/ past credit problems rebuild.
  5. dogman

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    RE: Good Detective Work Killer

    kewl killer!
    it could well be a secured BLUE!
    Remember- Jason said they were eventually phasing out optima brand.
  6. Killer

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    RE: Good Detective Work Killer

    I am anxious to see! The gentleman I spoke to said it hadn't been finalized but he thought the new card was a sure thing.

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