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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Slim, Oct 17, 2000.

  1. Slim

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    Last March I got a solicitation from Merchants Bank for a secured card where I deposit $99 for a credit line of $500. Unfortunately I didn't actually get the solicitation in my hand until after it had expired (I was out of the country). I called and asked about it still being applicable and was told no. Does anyone know of any other similar deals w/o all the "program" fees that eat up whatever available credit I would have?
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    Here's a similar offer:

    - No application fee
    - Deposit as low as $49
    - Credit line up to $400
    - Reviews for credit increases

    Check it out at:

    Good Luck!


    Free Credit Help!
  3. sam

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    its capitalone.

    apply at

    secured card.
    they give nearly EVERYBODY $500 for $99.

    they will let you know UPFRONT how much you get for your $$.

    Unlike other rip off places.

    they dont charge account setup,processing fees. just the $29/year mastercard fee.

    Go there first.

    those "UP TO $$$$" places will give you like $250 and then sock you with hundreds of dollars of annual fees!!

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