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    *Need a Credit Card? No Application or Processing Fees!

    Apply for a credit card even if you have no credit
    or past credit problems.



    Even if you've been turned down for credit in the past,
    you can still qualify for this credit card.

    Easy Qualifications..
    No Application or Processing Fees!
    Low $100.00 Minimum Deposit!!
    Grace Period 30 days
    18.9% as of 4/1/99
    $39 Annual fee

    Based on your unique credit profile, your credit limit will be
    100%, 150%, 200%, 300% times your initial security deposit..

    **Many of the secured card holders are converted to complete
    UNSECURED status every year and their deposit is returned to
    them with interest!
    To get started, e-mail your Name & Complete Postal Mailing
    Address to receive your application Now!

    *To request for free application you can click the
    name "secured" above in blue text...
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    Is this FCNB?

    This looks a lot like FCNB, except that the annual fee looks a bit higher. Perhaps they jacked it up to pay a commission to Mr. Secured, Ms. Secured, or the Secured Corp. dba "secured."

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