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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by niecy25, Nov 8, 2000.

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    Is this bank good about opening up accounts?
  2. Cindy

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    RE: Security First Network Ban


    According to

    they use Equifax rather than ChexSystems.

    Two years ago, I attempted to open a checking account there and was unsuccessful. (My S.O. opened a joint account for us instead). I was also unable to open a personal savings account. I haven't tried to open an account since I began cleaning up my credit. I will tell you that I have been very pleased with their customer service. They are also quite convenient for me as they are located here in Atlanta.

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    RE: Security First Network Ban

    You might want to try Compubank. I was recently approved for an account with them with a paid, two-year old ChexSystem entry from Fleet Bank. Fleet closed my account immediately, without informing me while I was in China, and when I got back, what a mess my accounts were in, because of the bounced checks (2) and the overdraft fees. I opened a student account with another bank, and just a few months ago, Fleet purchased my old bank. Now, I am back at Fleet. What luck, huh? Hang in there everyone, because with all the bank consolidation and mergers going on, there will only be a handful of dominant players in the "brick and mortar" world of banking. TommyC

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