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    One of my relatives is a house wife but does odd and end jobs selling things and buys and sells cars with another relative at times. She has a very good credit score and hasn't applied for credit in a long time but wants to. She is afraid she will be turned down because of unverifiable income. The other relative works at his familys auto shop. What should she say when applying???????
    Thank you for any advice!!
  2. sam

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    Re: credit cards

    They don't verify income. I've never heard of a prime credit card ever call work and ask. Consider yourself an employee of your own company, and list that company as your job, and your salary as however much you feel you make.
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    Re: credit cards

    And John, Eddie, Mary Sue will sell you a positive trade line for your credit report for several hundred dollars, this will solve your problem.

    When you receive this service from him, and get a major credit card, please post a message hear... I have a bridge and a statue in New York that are for sale.

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    Re: credit cards

    thank you sam

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