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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Cadillac408, Nov 17, 2000.

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    Collection agency has been on my back for 3 checks that were written to Safeway. I do not believe that I wrote the checks, that my ex did (we had a joint account). I disputed w/ Equifax and it came back verified. The collection agency also sent me a letter stating that Equifax contacted them to verify the debt and that they verified it with them (BFD! So they verifed that they had the same name.....I still have yet to see checks w/ my signature on it!). So I sent the agency a Prove it or Remove it letter on 10/19 and have yet to receive a response.

    So, what's my next step? I've noticed that this agency is reporting this bad debt every six months. If someone would show me some checks w/ my signature on them, I would be more than happy to pay (along w/ negotiating for removal). So, what should I do here? Send a second letter? Do I have to have *PAT* and Associates draft a letter for me on Lawyer stationary? <Just kidding Pat>

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