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  1. Alice

    Alice Guest

    Today I received a letter from Associated Recovery Systems
    It stated that Providian has authorized them to except 436.06 as settlement on my account which is 726.77.
    It says they will report to all 3 cra settles in full zero balance.
    Now should my reply be I want paid as agreed with all derogs gone? And should I go for a lower amount paid or settle for the 436.06?
    Thanks for all the great post
  2. Larry

    Larry Guest


    1st how you seen your credit reports from the CRAs?
    2nd how old is the acct?
    3rd what is your state of residence?
    4th Have you contact Associated Recovery Systems prior to this letter? (If not DO NOT CONTACT THEM)

    They might not have a case and therefore unable to collect a single cent:
    1) if the SOL in your state has expired
    2) if they don't have proof you own the debt (contracts - they might be bluffing)

    Alice we need more info in order to help you.
  3. Alice

    Alice Guest

    Re: NEED more DETAILS

    The account is about three years old I live in Michigan. I was thinking about offering them 300. to have it deleted or to have all the derogs taken off. I won't settle for any thing less than to have it noted as paid as agreed and all derogs taken off, I also will tell them that I want it stated as paid in full. What do you think?
  4. alice

    alice Guest

    OK I got a phone call today from ARS they said they thought there offer was good and that they would not take $300. I said sorry thats all I can afford. She said well that is the offer. So what do I do now just wait and see or pay them
    the $436.06?

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