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    I have a question regarding debt settlements.

    I have had credit repair services working on my restoration for about 3 years now, and after finally changing to a new service, I am down to 4 negatives on TU, 7 on Equifax, and 7 on Experian.

    I notice that the negatives from the 3 CRA's are consistent - meaning that the same accounts are appearing on all 3 reports. Apparently they are responsive to my dispute letters. So, my question is this. Since they are fighting me on these, should I try to settle the accounts by payment of all or part of the balance due, or should I continue to try to have them deleted? If I need to do a settlement and as part of that they refuse to delete the items, will I be able to subsequently dispute them and get them deleted? Or will it make it harder to get them deleted seeing as I have paid on the balance? I am willing to pay them, but must have them removed.

    What should I do here guys and gals??? Any help would be appreciated greatly.
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  3. chriscraft

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    N'awlins - These items are scheduled to be on until 2006 and 2007, which seems wrong to me, but that's what they are showing. The SOL's have not expired on these yet. So now what?
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    I am no expert, but here is my opinion:

    1. First you need to send a validation letter. See the one posted here on this site today. Send it certified, return receipt. If they respond with all the information you requested, then:

    2.You can negotiate with them (in writing only), saying that you will pay the settlement, if the delete the accounts from your credit report. Everything needs to be carefully done in writing.

    3. If they don't accept the offer, let SOL expire and don't pay anything, unless they try to sue you. (which they will problably not do).
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    If the SOL expires they WON'T sue him (if they do anyway, he'd be making some easy money).

    Also, remember they can report a debt for 7 years, regardless of the SOL.

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    Which companies are reappearing? Are they reaging the account? A similar situation is happening with me.. the companies are NCO, Cavalry, and Coldata.. there might be one or two others..

    I am currently in the process of disputing those as duplicates on my CR.

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