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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by MOVINGONUP, Aug 6, 2003.


    MOVINGONUP Well-Known Member

    I want to settle this judgement but I want the other party to request to have it vacated upon settling. Is that possible???/
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    MOVINGONUP Well-Known Member

    How would you go about it?????
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  6. jenz

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    put it as a contingency in the settlement offer. if they don't want to vacate it, what is the point in settling because it will still be hurting your credit.

    can i ask why you want them to vacate it?
  7. snakeman

    snakeman Well-Known Member

    I am just guessing here but I would say because he does not want to have the judgment on his report anymore?????????????

    I actually will try this if it can be done. I would be willing to settle with the people who have a judgment against me in exchange for the removal of the judgment TL.

    Hmmm good stuff.

  8. jenz

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    my point was that he can petition the court himself after the judgment is paid/settled. the oc/ca doesn't have to do it. i just had a judgment removed that i petitioned the court for. didn't cost me a dime, but i can't say for the area this person is in. call your county courthouse and ask.
  9. Plysaker

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    how are you going to go about, the attempt to settle?
  10. Plysaker

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    le bumparoonie
  11. snakeman

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    When I can afford it....I will call up each "plaintiff" and tell them that I think I am ready to try to pay this debt off but do not have it all.

    I will let this person know that I am calling now because this is my last ditch effort before being forced to file BK because of all the judgments I have.

    I will offer a settlement contingent upon the fact that they file a satisfaction of judgment with the court house.

    I then will request the court to vacate the judgment which is exactly what one of the courts in my area said they would/could do.


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