Settling w/ Original Creditor.

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Cadillac408, Dec 1, 2000.

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    O.k. so I went down there and pulled a fast one on the towing company. Original bill was $1050. I offered them $300 and they said fine. No problem. Then I found out that it's their policy when people come back like I do, that they offer amnesty which is to pay only the towing fee plus 1 weeks worth of storage. In my case, that would of been $255. O.k. so they got me for $45 by me not first asking what they would accept. Oh well....I'm just happy to get this out of my hair. This was one if the big anchors weighing down my report!

    So here's the plan: I'm going to draft a settlement letter (courtesy of Carreon&Assoc.) and the lady stated that she would sign the letter. I am going to give them cerified funds of $300 (she said that a personal check would delay the process until the check clears) and in return they are going to contact the collection agency (which by the way, they don't deal with them anymore due to their tactics) and request that my account be DELETED and that they REMOVE all entries from ALL 3 bureaus IMMEDIATELY!

    What's good is that I'm glad that I went to them and so are they. If I was to pay the collection agency, they would of got 40% and the tow company 60%. Now the tow company gets all of the money....and the account comes OFF my reports. I'm glad I didn't pay the collection agency....what if they wouldn't of negotiated w/ me in regards to my credit rating? What if they were only willing to mark it as PAID (like in Mom's case)?

    After I square this up, I'll leave everything else up to Junum. Now my new goal is to have an improved credit report by June 2001! That's giving Junum 6 months and ~$150 to work something out!!!!!
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    RE: Settling w/ Original Credi

    That's GREAT NEWS, see MP things may be changing for the better:)


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