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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by bohemian, Apr 3, 2001.

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    I took your advice and went to the American Express Home Page and applied for insurance through them. My State Farm polocy was $650.00 for 6 months, my policy with AMEX is only going to be $710 for a full year. There was a notice on one of the pages about the Fair Credit Act, but I do not think they checked our credit, the screens continued until I had purchased a policy online, I then called the 1-800 number they gave and asked them 10 times if they were sure I would have coverage, they kept saying yes, I would. Thank you very much, you have saved me almost $600 a year and I cannot believe how cheap they are. I am off to cancel my State Farm policy, they even gave me a temp. policy I printed off to use. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! (I am still hoping that nothing tragic happens and they deny me anyway)
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    You are sooooo very welcome. I've been extremely pleased with Amex Prop and Casualty. Never a problem. And cheap cheap cheap.

    When I got my first car, my insurance was under my mom and she had AAA. She had the multi-car discount and it was STILL $2000 a year. I called Amex and they quoted me like $1000. I said, "For me?" At the time, I was 24. So I asked what it would be like if I was 25. It dropped another $300! So I waited for a few months and switched. Been there every since...going on 3 years!

    Congrats and good luck!

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