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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Julie, Feb 23, 2001.

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    Well, after having my gold cap one for almost 8 months, and NEVER getting an increase, I called. First, I should say, I WAS late 2 times, for $10. That was last Sept, and Oct. So, I call, ask for increase. I was told"Are you aware that we give increases for NO overlimits, NO lates, perfect history?". I said, "yes, but I feel I have been doing very well, and if you check my credit, ALL my cards are perfect". She hemmed and hawed, then I said" you know, I have had my card 8 months now, I know I was late twice, but the measly $200 you started me with, just isn't what I need at this time". Then I said, " All my other cards have at LEAST $1000 credit, and they give increases every 4 months. I really want to keep this card, but if you cannot increase my limit, I see no reason to keep it". Then, she looked on her computer, put in a request, and said " congradulations, you have been given a $100 increase!!". WOW!!! So then she told me I had to wait SIX more months to call again!! So, if I am lucky, at my year and a half anniversary, I will have a whopping $400!!! And thjis is a GOLD card!! So, I thought about this, I called back to cap one, asked them to reconsider more than $100, since I can't call again for 6 months. Then I told the rep that I know alot of people, who get increases every 3 or 4 months. She said NO, noone gets increases except 6 months, and that she CANNOT go into the computer and override the $100. I was STUCK with the $100. I know from reading this board, that when you call there, some of you have gotten increases, in a MONTH after calling. Is my card that different?
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    No, you kind of handled that wrong. When you had her against the wall, and she gave you the $100, you should have said, sorry I want to close the account. She would have given you more I think.

    You dont need this card if you have others with $1K. I would call back and ask to close the account. They will probably start dealing then. They will do almost anything to keep you from closing. That makes them look bad I think.

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    talked to wrong dept

    I'm just guessing here, but did you request the line increase from the first person you talked with? If so, that's why you got so little. I've actually NEVER qualified for a line increase from their first level of CS and I do have perfect pay history... go figure.

    I call the retention number. The Cap1 Retention number was posted here very recently (look under Cap1 b/c I did it and I'm too lazy to spell it out). I am not at my computer or I'd post it again (don't have it memorized, yet).

    Anyway, when you call their number, the retention dept has MUCH more ability to mess with your account. We don't even call the main number anymore. It's a waste of time.
    do the same song and dance. Tell them you're getting offers etc.

    They know their increases suck, by the way. I had a Cap1 retention rep even tell me that "If I had any power to help people, I'd actually like my job. I offer what the computer tells me I can offer". It's just that the retention computer does more than the normal CSRs computers. I call the number directly b/c I don't want to have to go through the "I want to close my acct" song and dance. I just say "I've been told your dept can help me". I am very nice to them, by the way. Most people aren't. One guy actually asked a supervisor to decrease my interest rate more than 2 pts (from 17.9-13.9 and I got it. Fun having the rep wanting to help you. They know their system isn't great.

    Call back every 2 months or so. I get told NO from CAp1 more often than yes. 4-1 ratio probably. But I've increased my limits from 300-1200 in 1 year, and while I consider that *&%$, for Cap1 it's a lot!

    Sometimes, when they can't touch the limit they decrease my int rate. 19.9 - 13.9 in 7 mos on my gold card. And I've gotten 20 rebated off my 39 fee. But I'm really persistent! I consider this a parttime hobby :) Have fun w/the calls or it'll drive you nuts. I think about it this way: How can I mess w/Cap1 today?!!!! good luck
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    RE: talked to wrong dept


    Thanks for the helpful information! My Cap One payment record will become perfect next month. I had a stoopod overlimit which I paid off immediately about which I whined on this board a while back...LOL....and am REALLY SICK of the $200 limit.

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    RE: Sharing, CAP ONE - Thanks!

    Wow! After reading your message, I called Cap One about my own measly credit limit with them ($200), and after having an account with them for only three months, the rep increased me $100! It was so easy.

    Before reading your post, I didn't even know that it was possible to call and GET credit limit increases! Thank you. Even if it's just a small amount, this made my day. I will attempt to negotiate interest rates in the future also. Terrific!

    Btw, I have had much better luck with Providian than any other cards...they gave me an unsecured card two years ago with a $400 limit initially, when NOBODY else would give me credit. My limit is up to $1100 now. On the other hand, I've had a secured account with FCNB for fivee years and a great payment history and they have never returned my deposit, nor do they easily increase my lines. Very stingy.

    I'm so glad I found this board! Thank you for your posts, and good luck to each of you.

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