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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by roni, Mar 17, 2001.

  1. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    If the post early was by slimshady I apologize for this post. If not I have the following to say.

    YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. I MADE AN INCORRECT STATEMENT. I am grossing over 6 times my mortgage payment. But to say that me taking home 6 times my mortgage payment is unrealistic is an unfair statement. In my profession $132K gross and $93K take home is very realistic (those were your calculations not mine). Plenty people at this message board make that or more. The average Dentist makes $90K plus starting out. I am approaching my 3rd year of practicing. I also anticipate my salary to go up because I am ONLY working 32 hours a week to GROSS this salary. When I adjust my schedule to fulltime I will make even more.

    Boy, people on this board have some big opinions and attitudes. Not to mention the slim shady factor.

    I appreciate all who have helped me with my mortgage question. I made a mistake, and when I read the post, I re-read what I wrote and realized my mistake. I am being cautious with this decision. That is why I am asking for advice. I didnt ask for a snappy or mean response.

    Shelly, you seem to be very good with the math. Maybe you can help me with correcting my statement and understanding my financial situation.

    I make $55/hour. I work 32hrs/week(presently). minus 2 weeks unpaid vacation. I get paid biweekly and I usually take a check home of $2200 biweekly.

    I get $350/mo from my Army Reserves drills each month. I am a O3. That means I am a Captain. I get a annual bonus check of $10,000 each November. I am due this check for 2 more years. I also get paid for my 2 week summer assignment but I am not sure if I am going this summer. But it is less money than my salary anyway. Moving on.

    So my sources of income are my
    1- primary job 32 hours
    2- reserve drills
    3- bonus(annual) I have been told I can include my bonus because I get it annually for over 2 consecutive years.

    So the way I calculate it I make enough to afford this house. What do you think? Since I know how I budget, I know it will be enough.

    Those of you who were really concerned, thanks.

    I have worked damn hard to make this money, and I hate it when I get a crappy post like yours.

    You wanna know something. I am gonna buy this house because my credit is worthy enough to get a fha loan. I can and will make my mortgage payment and I will not allow your statement and sarcasm keep me down. I will continue to pray and stop posting here and asking people like you for advice.

    My mistake was slipping and saying take home instead of gross. EXCUSE ME! But since I know my income will increase even more each year that I work, I aint worried about this or you at all. Grossing $132k is not out of my league. THERE ARE MANY OTHERS HERE WHO MAKE WAY MORE THAN ME, SO I DONT KNOW WHERE YOU ARE COMING FROM.

  2. Reshod

    Reshod Well-Known Member

    Captain Roni

    I did not know that you are in the Army. and a CPT, great. I am completing the ROTC Green to Gold program right now. I have several questions pertaining to officer life if you don't mind?

  3. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    To: Momof3

    I regret posting that already. My income isnot really everyone's business . That is between me, myself and the people I owe.

    I dont take back what I said though, because Shelly has some nerve saying what she said about my salary. Is it b/c I am a woman? I dont know what was up with that.

    I thank Dave and money others who have offered valuable info about my mortgage situation. So far I feel real good b/c everything you guys have mentioned has been on my list provided by the mortgage co.

    Momof3 I will not apply for anymore credit at all. I wont mess up this mortgage. Had I known that I would find this place a few weeks ago, I wouldnot have made the recent inquiries. The wells fargo co. in January just asked me to write a letter to explain the inquiries, so I will just maybe do this for this situation.

    We have talked about this before via email. And I think now is the time. I have too many important things going on to be concerned with Slimshady, rob and new little comments that get under my skin.

    Expect my emails and IM's...Peace!

  4. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    Re: To: Momof3

    I went straight in as a captain because I am a dentist. I was commissioned 5/00 so I am still learning myself. Officer life is super easy as a dentist. I work out of medical unit. I do basically exams basically for enlisted persons and go to special sites during the summer.

    Are you a 01 now? Officer life is better pay of course, but you are now expected to pay for certain things you go for free. Of course you have access to health facilities but they are too far from me to utilize. I will tell you this. The health professional officers are the worst people to ask about military officer life b/c we are laxed to say the least.

    I so far find the army slow, late and unpredictable. What is your field?

  5. Reshod

    Reshod Well-Known Member


    I am not an officer yet. I left active duty in 2000 on a three year scholarship. I will graduate in 2003. I plan to take the LSAT in the spring time and hopefully get into the JAG Corp. I was a MP for 4 years prior to the scholarship. So how did you pay for school besides student loans? I am looking for additional money to cover the exspenses that the Army does not pay for?


  6. Shelly

    Shelly Guest

    Roni - PLEASE READ!


    no,no,no.. you misunderstood my intention! I didn't meant to imply you couldn't or don't make that amount of money!

    I was just debating Thomas' comment that one needs to bring home 6x their mortgage payment to pay the bills.... I live on WAY less that 6x my mortgage payment!

    I just meant that people can and do live on much less than that... we bring home less than 3x our mortgage payment and we are fine.

    I'm sorry if you thought I was putting you down, I absolutely wasn't at ALL!

  7. Dallas

    Dallas Guest

    Shelly - PLEASE READ!

    If you were to read the post that Thomas replied to, you would see that Roni stated that she made 6 times her mortgage payment and taxes, which was making her feel comfortable about the loan. She mistakenly said take home instead of gross. Thomas was merely repeating Roni's statement and giving her the go on the mortgage.

    You obviously misread the thread and bruised Roni's ego by stating that her statement was "unrealistic".

    Actually, Roni does take home 6 times the mortgage payment but not the taxes and fees included.

    Nevertheless, it was a mistake on both sides and I am sure that Roni will let this go.

    However, as usual Roni just couldnot let that one go without voicing her opinion or side.

    From what I know about Roni she will not hold a grudge.

    All is well Shelly.

    Good Luck!

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