Should I ask them to report my TL?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by ShaleDC, Aug 20, 2003.

  1. ShaleDC

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    I am about the send in the payoff on an installment loan. This loan has never been reported to any of the credit bureas, but the representative told me that if I wanted, they could report it as PAID in full/PAID as agreed once I've paid it off.

    My question is, should I ask them to report it? How will it affect my credit score? (There are no late-pays, and if I pay it off this week, I think the age on the account--may be irrelevant since it's never been reported--would be about 18 months.)



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  2. Butch

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    Congrats Shale.

    Sure, remind them they said they'd report to all 3. Also refer to your final payment (enclosed) and ask them to proceed with what they PROMISED.

  3. lakpr

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    Answering the second part of the question .... I'd guess that it would improve your score, *UNLESS* the average age of all your accounts currently on the report is significantly more than 2 years. If that were the case, the decrease in average age may drag it down. Good payment history can only ADD points.
  4. ShaleDC

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