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    KEVIN KELL Guest

    I have recieved a Cap 1 approval for the gold card so i called it in to sign up. Then i saw that the limit might be an awsome $200.
    I have citibank Plat $10000 + Citibank Amer Air $7000. If I get a rinky dink limit from cap 1 , can i cancel the card as soon as i get it with out paying some bs fee? It seems to me that cap 1 is in the business of just collecting fee's- NOT extending any real credit.

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    IF YOU GET $200.00 CALL THEM UP AND LAUGH AT THEM!!! (Also you have $17,000.00 with CITIBANK, why bother if you think you will get $200.00)???

    I PERSONALLY, don't accept any thing under $5,000.00, but UNITED VISA (BEFORE FIRST USA ISSUED THEM) tried to give me a credit line of $500.00...I laughed so hard I cried...

    I asked them if this was real???

    I have, and do many times spend >$500.00 in ONE DAY!!!

    I told them it is already at the post office (didn't even wait one day) TO MAIL IT BACK FOR CANCELLATION.
  3. Angela

    Angela Guest

    Did it say $200 on the app. or was that something you read on the board. My Capital One said upt to $3,000. I got the $3,000.

    I don't know about the canceling.

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