should I file bankruptcy?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by arthur, May 3, 2000.

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    Here is my situation, I recently learned that A creditor can renew a judgement indefinetly, even after it falls off the credit report, I had 9 judgements passed against me in 1995, never paid any of them, the amounts varied, from $300, to 5000 (2500 for FUSA, and 5000 for BENEFICIAL,) the rest were small amounts, for dept. stores and such, I never filed BK, but have since reestablished some good credit, I have a providian card w/ a 3000 limit, and an associates card, and a sterling bank and trust card as well. Would it be in my best interest to file bankruptcy on the judgements, so as I never have to worry about them again, or should I forget about it, they fall off my credit report in 2 years, but they can be collected on at any time, and I am worried. Beneficial garnished my wages in 95 until I quit and they never found me again....please give advice...and can I mistakenly omit the providian card if i do a BK? I'd like to keep it, especially if I do a BK...please help......
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    Paid them,.

    Bankrupty will hurt you for sure,go and work out a deal.

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