Should I pay CA?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by lowScore, Oct 1, 2003.

  1. lowScore

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    Background, yes I owe the debt it just hit the CA, it is about 2 or 3 months old, small amount that Iâ??m willing to pay just overlooked the bill. From what I have determined from reading post after post, that once it hits the CA it is too late and paying them will not help my situation, is this true? Should I ask for validation and dispute if and when it shows up on my report?
    Thanks for your input.
  2. moneyelf

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    I think you want to ensure it will NOT show up on your report. Why deal with any more negative items on your credit record than needed? I mean, you can follow all the steps to try and get out of it but since you say it is yours and is a small amount I think the weight of keeping it off your record is most important. Offer a settlement with the stipulation that they NEVER report it if paid/settled. See sample settlement letters on this board or other boards.

    Remember the mission here is: Clean Reports vs. trying to get out of tiny debts that may wind up on your report while you fight it.
  3. sam

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    alot of small CA's will eventually quit verifying a paid debt.

    after 10-12 times they get tired of that $24 debt they collected. It's not profitable to keep returning the letters ;)

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