should I report my student loans?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by klingsor, Aug 14, 2003.

  1. klingsor

    klingsor Well-Known Member

    I have two student loans with Sallie Mae that help me with average age of accts. b/c they were opened a few years ago. But only Equifax reports them. Should I have them reported on EXP and TU as well? There's no negative info. on them and I'm in deferrment right now.
  2. jambe

    jambe Well-Known Member

    How exactly would you go about doing that?

    I had a loan removed by CSC (equifax) when they refused to give me the reinvestigation details. Their attourney told me it ws an internal decision and could not be reversed. The loan was adding length to my credit history, and had finally been updated to the correct good payment history.
  3. BAlZebub

    BAlZebub Well-Known Member

    Good Luck - Sallie Mae only reports to Equifax and will not report to the other two (I have 4 letters from them and their response to a BBB complaint about this in which they say 'NO we will NOT report. Federal law requires us to report to 1 CRA, not all 3'). I threatened to sue them over it because it was harming me and they offered to provide me with the name/address their agent for service in my state so I could have them served.

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