Should She give her Social CONT.??

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by MartysGirl, Jul 26, 2001.

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    Breeze, Bill, NanaC, George, and others.

    If you don't remember.... I wrote a post a while back about a CA who sent a letter in response to my mothers Validation letter. They where requesting her Social. They claimed the last names didn't match and they needed her social to make sure they where dealing with the same person. I hope this was enough to refresh your!!

    Anyway..... I wanted to post some of the letter she is going to send. IF you guys think we need to add anything.... PLEASE let me know....!!!!

    We have tried to keep it short, sweet, and to the point w/out having to give her social.

    What do you guys Think... ;-)

  2. MartysGirl

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    The Letter

    TED BROWN & Associates
    Town, GA, 8227

    Re: Accounts XXXXXX5245XX

    Mr. Ted Brown,

    Your recent request for my social security number is denied. I have enclosed a portion of my current credit report with the accounts highlighted that do not belong to me. Your company has place erroneous information against my credit report without a social security number then you can remove it as well. You have 30 days from sighed certified receipt to cure and furnish proof of deletion. If I do not have your proof of deletion by that time, I will refer this to my attorney for appropriate legal action.



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    Re: The Letter

    It's great! I think I would change one sentence, so it's a little clearer what you are saying:

    Since your company has placed erroneous information against my credit report without a social security number, then you can remove it without a ssn as well.

    You told 'em!! I can't believe they think we're all that stupid.

  4. MartysGirl

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    Re: The Letter

    Thanks Breeze ;-)

    I just typed it up b/f posting it.


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