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    Hi there shy,

    Sorry I didn't reply right away. I'm back home now. The house we were renting on the outer banks was sold on Monday, and the new owner didn't transfer phone service, so we were without internet access all that time. Talk about withdrawal!! I had a great time, got a nice start on my tan, and did some unnecessary shopping, LOL.

    There are a lot of prepaid legal plans, and you are right to check them out before you decide. Some are considered "insurance" and some are not, depending on the services offered, and your state of residence. You can email me at tell me your state of residence, and I will direct you to the proper information for your state. PrePaid Legal, Inc. the one I represent is PPD on NYSE if you want to research them. They operate as MLM, however, don't let that throw you. It is a legitimate company with a long track record. Our provider law firm here in Virginia is top notch. Many attorneys will blast this approach, many will advocate it, so use your head and think for yourself. ;) Often you can get the services you need at a reduced cost as part of a group (like your credit union). Many employers also offer this as a bennie.

    As far as what is pre-existing, the previous answer to your post was correct - it depends on the contract. I posted that warning to anyone considering this kind of coverage so they would check out the terms of the contract in that regard, and not just jump in with both feet and find out later they could not use it for their most pressing problems.

    Hope this helps.


    you wrote:
    Hope you're enjoying the shore. We did the broadwalk yesterday.

    How does the prepaid plan you sell operate? The one offered by my credit union is $50/year. I receive unlimited one-hour consulations and 25 percent off any other services from a participating attorney. Is yours similar?

    What about "pre-existing" conditions? Is a pre-existing that my insurance company is denying a claim, so now I want an attorney to write a letter complaining about it? Is it pre-existing that my credit report is wrong and I want to talk to an attorney about my rights and options? Is it pre-existing that my wife was in a fender bender and I want to talk to an attorney about how to deal with the insurance company? (In none of these matters has any legal matters been taken.)

    Anyway, my CU's plan sounds like a good deal, but I have nothing to compare it with. Your insights would be great.

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