Slick-talking Citibank reps.

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by JB1833, Jun 2, 2001.

  1. JB1833

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    Happy weekend everyone.

    I posted a few weeks ago on a Citibank thread that I had recently received a Citibank Platinum MC. A few days after getting the card, I got a call from a Citibank rep. encouraging me to take advantage of balance transfer opportunities, 2.9% for 9 months which, I have gathered from other posts here, is a standard offer. I told the rep. I wasn't ready yet to make decisions about balance transfers. The rep. said no problem, how about if we make a check payable to you and then you can decide how to pay off other creditors. And, on top of that, he said, I can give you a 2.9% rate until April 2003. I was dumbfounded and asked for clarification. I asked him, you mean to tell me that if I transfer a balance I get 2.9% for 9 months, but if I accept a check I get 2.9% for almost 2 years?? He said yes. How could I not take it?

    Well, now the punch line. I got a letter from Citibank thanking me for accepting the check made out to me and that I could "enjoy" my 2.9% offer until 2/17/2002, in other words, 9 months. I figured there was a mistake, so I called customer service. I made my way up to a supervisor, who told me that this representative who called me did not have the authority to give me a 2.9% rate until 2003, that they in fact didn't have ANY offers until 2003. I was furious. The only thing this supervisor could do to placate me (barely) was waive the $29 fee for the check and also assure me that the supervisor of the original rep. who made the fake deal would take disciplinary action against that person. I demanded to know the results of that action, although I doubt very much I will ever find out.

    I'm tempted to write a letter, but to whom I have no idea (I doubt Kendall Stork would read it). When you're dealing with such a behemoth of an organization, the little voice crying "foul" is seldom heard.

    So instead I'll just warn everyone hear. If you're confronted with an UNBELIEVABLE offer, such as I was, get it in writing. I wish I had done that. I have no way of proving that this jerk made the 2 year offer to me. It would be my word against his. If I'd gotten it in writing, I'd have a legal leg to stand on.

    I can't wait to pay this card off and then cut it in half!
  2. judyputy

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    Oh you could get Kendall Stork to listen if you bothered him enough. If you can find out his e-mail address or the e-mail of his secretary you can bother the living hell out of them until they do something for you.

    IT WORKS. I recently got exactly what I wanted by doing just that. I sent an e-mail everyday for about 3 weeks. I got the idea after reading the letters to the CRA's on Greg Fisher's site.

    Believe me, you can be a thorn in his heel and he will eventually stop to take it out. It just depends on HOW furious you are and if you have the time to send those e-mails everyday. They don't take long..... the first one explains the problem. After that, each day you write back...

    "Is something wrong? I haven't gotten a response. I contacted you on XXX. Please respond."

    It's quite FUN actually
  3. JB1833

    JB1833 Member


    Thanks for the GREAT advice!!! I will begin doing as you suggested today, and you're right, it does sound like fun!

    Anyone have Kendall Stork's email address?? ;-)
  4. judyputy

    judyputy Well-Known Member

    Go to the company site and look for the listing of the company big wigs. You may have to start with the consumer "help line". That's where I started. When they get sick of you they WILL send it to their supervisor and you will get an e-mail from them. When you do, you ask for their supervisors name and e-mail addy.

    You keep asking for their supervisors name and e-mail address. Then move right up the chain of command until you reach Kendall Stark.

    Of if you can find a phone number, you can alwasy call and get the receptionist to give you the e-mail and address to his office, but that a long shot.
  5. Geo

    Geo Well-Known Member

    I think that 2.9% until April 2001 for a cash advance (a Check)is a very good offer!. isn't it??
  6. JB1833

    JB1833 Member


    Promised offer, 2.9% until April 2003, eventual result, 2.9% until Feb. 2002. Have another cup of coffee and tell me this is a good deal.
  7. judyputy

    judyputy Well-Known Member


    We're not saying that 2.9 until April 2002 isn't a good deal... BUT

    IT'S NOT THE DEAL HE AGREED TO OVER THE PHONE. The rep told a big story just to get the approval and figured that when the crap hit the fan later the customer would just complain and then take what they got. The rep would still get their commision.

    He was offered 2.9 for 2 YEARS, that's the deal he agreed to.
  8. marci

    marci Well-Known Member

    Who is Kendall Stark/Stork?

  9. JB1833

    JB1833 Member

    Kendall Stork, CEO of Citibank, South Dakota
  10. marci

    marci Well-Known Member

    I thought the CEO was Mr. Sanford Weill of New York? That's what PFB has on file for Citibank.

    Oh well...

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