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    I applied and was accepted for the Citibank card. For those of you who may have a problem with us getting in over our head because of our small incomes I would like to explain something to you.

    My income is $28,500 (and I just received a $1200 bonus last friday).

    I have a capital one card with a $300 limit. Each month I charge my msn service to this card ($21.95) and pay it off. I am keeping this card because I have had it for 2 years in December.

    I have an Orchard card (1 1/2 years) with a $600 limit. My balance is $225 (thats 38% of my limit). I plan to close this card as soon as I #1 pay it off and #2 receive my Citibank card.

    I have a Target card with a $200 limit. I have had this card about 1 1/2 years also. The balance on this card is about $25 (about 12% of my limit). And the only reason I have a balance is because I went there last Saturday and only had $80 on me and my bill was $85 so I paid $60 in cash and put the rest on my card.

    I just applied and the check just cleared yesterday for my secured AmEx optima card. I deposited $200 and will deposit $300 more when I receive the card (from my bonus). My goal is to deposit $100 a month until the year mark and then see if I can get a regular card.

    I want to get a Key Jewelers card. I wrote something today if you want to know why I want this card.

    I have been working hard at paying everything on time for the last 2 years. I have been cleaning up my credit reports since July of this year. I work full time because I must pay for my rent(I live by myself in SoCal) and all my bills. Did I mention that I go to school 3/4 time and can't get grants and most scholarships that I want because I only go 3/4 time not full time. I take 10 units and full time is 12. Also my income is too high for them.

    I do not have a car payment. My insurance is $60 a month. I do plan on buying a brand new car in a year and a half (if mine makes it that long).

    SO THE POINT OF THIS POST IS.... DON'T ASSUME YOU KNOW A PERSONS FINANCIAL SITUATION. YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT THAT. p.s. I am working on a promotion at work, that means that my income will increase at least $5000 a year. I'll keep you posted.
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    Sounds like you are on the road to great success Molly. Good for you:)
  3. molly

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    I forgot- I just received my AA degree in Business Administration last June (graduated with honors). I am trasferring to Cal State in January (thats why I am happy about Citibank-tuition will be almost 5 times as much). I will major in Business with concentration in finance.
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    You dont really have to explain anything to these morons. You are an adult Molly. Your score will rise girlfriend. Good luck to you.
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    molly this country needs more people like you.Your taking care of yourself and your responsabilities.It is not easy to survive in this world on your own.Be proud girl your doing just fine.
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    I know what you mean.... way to go Molly... I had similar feelings as expressed in this message I posted last night.

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