Sneaky CHARGES !!!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Larry, Jan 22, 2001.

  1. Larry

    Larry Guest

    This is the 2nd time it happens...

    Last yr a Travel Agency made a $70 unathorized charge to my Cap1 acct. I called them and was refunded the funds.

    Now Premier Health made a $99.95 unathorized charge again to my Cap1 acct. I called them and they will refund my funds.

    It goes to show... It pays to check your statements periodically.
  2. Cadillac408

    Cadillac408 Well-Known Member

    So true! Especially if you use it at a restaurant. I notice one time that the server charged me $38 instead of $36. I'm sure that extra $2 was added to his tip! Imagine if he did this with all his customers? That's a lot of extra tip money! Normally I wouldn't of caught it but I did since I used my Visa check card and was looking at my bank statement on the internet. Noticed that in my registry it said $36 but on bank statement it said $38! I let it go but from now on I always use my Am/Ex card at restaurants and I always verify the charges.
  3. heather

    heather Well-Known Member

    These are called third party charges. They are external co.'s that have an affiliation with the credit card co. Either they or the actual cc co. will either call you or send a solicitation in the mail to join free trial 30-60 days sometimes signing up for one type of service automatically enrolls you in these type of products without knowing. Unfortunately now a days it is very crucial to read the fine print on all offers. Also sometimes the company will be so sneaky as to send you a letter that automatically enters you into this service unless you reply back in 30 days requesting to cancel. Most third party charges are accepted over the phone through customer service reps. when you call regarding your cc acount. These representatives receive incentives on how many offers they get customers to accept. Sometimes dishonest employees will sign cm's up without their permission. Sad but true. Scary actually.

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