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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by cg, Aug 18, 2000.

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    i have been reading this board for some time now,it is an excellent place to be informed about so many issues,but i dont quit understand this one problem (that i may of missed)about sol.even though it's not a credit card issue i would really appreciate it if some one could help me husband has been self-employed for almost 7yrs as a contractor. we have no health insurance,we pay as we go thank god everything's been good so far!i have 3 dr. bills on my credit report,one from 9/01/95, one from 3/26/96 and the last one from 12/06/96,and every so often i will recieve a phone call from the collection agency,they just started to call a few months ago.has the sol ran out on this ? all other dr. bills have been payed.i forgot all about these ones.i live in ny. thank you!
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    Go to this web page (go to the middle):

    For New York State:

    For oral agreements its: 6 years
    For written contracts its: 6 years
    For promisary notes its: 6 years
    For open ended accounts its: 4 years

    This is the period that they can go after you in court.

    The credit reporting agencies report bad debts for seven years, bankruptcy for ten years, un-paid student loans forever (until paid, then seven years from payoff date), and tax leins forever (until paid, then seven years from payoff date).

    Read the wep page I mentioned. It will be very helpful.

    Good Luck!
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    thanks bkonner, i'll do just that!i just thought it was strange to start calling me after all this time. i very much appreciate this,

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