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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Nave, Jul 9, 2001.

  1. Nave

    Nave Well-Known Member

    I found a FREE software download that I am trying and appears to be real effective for stopping the damn pop up ads that are so prevalent lately. Bill you may want to add this to your list of free software downloads.

    Click Here for PopUpKiller Homepage

    This software is offered on (a trusted share/freeware download site). Although I have only been using it briefly, it has some nice features and I have checked against 2 pages I know that have them. One nice feature is you can set the maximum browser windows open at any one time so it completely prevents those credit card popup ads (Alex FYI that's why I don't ever visit your site) not to mention that really annoying spy camera crap.

    Anyway a bit off topic but may be of great help to some of you and was a recent thread from PBM so I figured I would post this somewhat attractive idea for dispensing with the annoyances.

  2. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    I do have one that is called powi.exe.

    I have not checked to see if I put it on my new website or not, but it is at

    If you click on the link or cut and paste it, it will automatically download onto your system. You won't get any popups in the process. Just the pure download.

    powi.exe is freeware meaning that it has been released into te public domain too, so there are no nag screens or fees to pay for it's usage.

  3. Nave

    Nave Well-Known Member

    Bill, Nice pic...EXACTLY as I pictured you :)

    I must say that this popup killer (free also) is quite nice software.

    I have just been testing it pretty thouroghly. It allows me to view exactly what I want without allowing the crap to bother me. It has been 100% successful thus far (try and guess the type of sites I have been testing it on :)). Features allow removing the Geocities box too and many more cool settings. It informs you what you are missing (the popups) if you want by clicking on the Systray icon. Remains out of the way when you dont want to see anything.

    If you want those pop up ads gone, get this PopUpKiller software folks.


    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    try and guess the type
    of sites I have been testing it on

  5. Nave

    Nave Well-Known Member

    That was a rhetorical question :)

    Actually not sure what I see more of...pop up credit card ads ... or pop up XXX ads. I know on my t1 at work, sometimes they open so damn many so fast, I cant close them down fast enough. Can get you into loads of trouble :)

  6. MT

    MT Well-Known Member

    I hate those ads for that camera system. It pops up everytime I visit MSNBC.COM or, etc. etc. I complained to MSNBC, but that didn't do any good (nor did I expect it to). It's just so intrusive.............
  7. Alex

    Alex Well-Known Member

    I use a pop up on my site but I have it set up so that it only pops up once for each visitor and only on the main page. THese big dot coms are putting them on all their pages and they constantly reapear. I guess since most of these big companies are losing so much money these days they are doing everything they can to make you buy something. THat's a pretty neat software though, thanks for sharing.


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  8. cosjef

    cosjef Well-Known Member

    There's even a better one called "Webwasher". Go <A HREF="">here</A> and choose Home and educational use download. Its a free product (for Windows, Linux, and Mac) as well.

    It removes the popups, animations, AND the banner ads. This makes pages load faster and saves bandwidth.

    Its the best thing out there.
  9. tom65432

    tom65432 Well-Known Member

    These pop ups drive me nuts. I finally traced the problem. It's Hotmail. I got seven of them this morning after one hotmail session. One took four clicks to close.

    I am definately going to follow up on one of these programs. Thanks for the info.
  10. breeze

    breeze Well-Known Member

    Just remember, if you don't click on an ad once in a while, all the free stuff will no longer be free. They gotta make some money somewhere.

  11. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    I looked at that one you or someone else recommended so highly, but it's not free.

    The one I have for free at
    is totally and completely free and does a good job for me.

    The free stuff is slowly going away now. It kinda started with the search engines going pay-per-click and it's been getting worse and worse all the time.

    Now Microsoft has come up with a new gidget that lets them steal your visitors and take them over to their website where they can sell them instead of you making the sale off of your website. There is already a fix for it even though MS has not completely implemented their little game yet, but it's definitely in the works.

    It's definitely been a dirty tricks game ever since the search engines got going good. Getting those all important hits is the name of the game because if you can't get the visitors, you can't make the sales.

    With all the websites I have going, both for myself and for others, I have to keep right up on top of the search engine game, and it never stops. New tricks are being invented almost faster than you can find out about them.

    Another one that is just emerging is by Aesop and it lets the webmaster place his website and individual webpages in whatever one of 6 basic categories he wishes. And it does appear that the major search engines are gearing up to follow suit and will be doing so very soon now using Aesop's Algorythms as starting points. Most likely they will also invent a few more of their own too.

    So if I want to show up in the search engines along with the listings for say Lexington or Junum, I can do that now by using a few tricks. The new technology will allow that process to happen to a much greater degree,and since it's likely to be a very long time before most of the webmasters ever find out about it, I'll already be there and they will be wondering how in the H*** I ever did that. And by the time they get it all figured out, something new will come along and make that look sick. Something like Bill Bate's new "steal the show" technology. Six months to a year from now, that's likely to be where the action is. And all it's going to take is for somebody to figure out how that works and they will steal if from him like it or not.

    Then he or somebody else will invent something else new.
    It's a never ending battle just like the credit repair thing because new innovations are always coming out and if you are going to be at the top, you have to be out on the cutting edge or you are not going to make it.
  12. c5kirk

    c5kirk Well-Known Member


    Regarding the Microsoft technology you spoke of.... if you're talking about their new "Smart Tags" feature, they have decided that it will not be included in the final release of XP. They received a lot of pushback from customers on that particular "feature". Of course they can always slip it back in at some point down the line. The thing that worries me more than that is their new "active registration" scheme. Don't think I'll be migrating to XP anytime soon if that ends up in the release version.

  13. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    Thanks for your input.
    I was relating what came to me in an e-mail today. Seems you may have more recent info than they do. Yes, they were talking about the XP technology as well as in general.

    I think I kept the email it came out of for future reference, and so I'll look and see when I get time and if I find it again, I'll try and let you know if you will send me an email so I can pick up on your addy.

    Once you have it, you can check out the article and see what you think of it.

    Fact still remains, however, that you have to be up on all the latest stuff if you want to get anywhere on the internet.

    Too bad we can't just buy smart pills on any subject and become instant college grads.

  14. Nave

    Nave Well-Known Member

    Bill the one I posted was and is free! In addition it was downloaded from DaveCentral a trusted software share/freeware site and I would trust an EXE from there (not many places will I run an EXE from) but that may be just me. Yours may be virus free as well, but you know the dilemma.

    You can see the download designation as FREEWARE and the comments from a user, it was a HOT PICK from DAVE of (not me Dave):

    DaveCentral - PopUpKiller

    Note the:
    PopUp Killer 1.9 - Freeware

    But thanks for your information on the POWI stuff.

  15. GEORGE

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    don't know anything about it except it was with an article about upgrading pc vs. buying new...

    NEVER MIND LINK SAYS $24.95...
  16. GEORGE

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

  17. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    Well, I hate to get into any dispute about this, but what I either saw or thought I saw on the website was that the program had a 30 day free trial version and after that it was gonna cost $25 or so.

    They had two versions, one for the home user and a professional version which they wanted big bucks for.

    Where have I gone wrong? You tell me where I goofed, please because if you say it's free then I have to believe you too and so that does create a dilemna as you say.
  18. Nave

    Nave Well-Known Member

    It's free.
  19. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    So I'm wrong.

    Life's like that sometimes.

    Have a nice one.
  20. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    Microsoft smart tags


    I've done a bit more research on these smart tags Microsoft is coming up with. Here are the links. It's apparently being done in the new IE6 release first of all.

    That's available for download at:

    Here is what Microsoft has to say about them and what they are supposed to do.

    And lastly, some discussion that sort of tells how one works with them.
    I have not studied this last one here very closely at all as of yet.

    That last one is so long that one will most likely have to cut and paste it into your browser's URL window in two parts.

    That or do it from memory.

    I think it's real alright and I think it's likely to become a real menace to those who have websites and don't do something to learn more about it.

    It's supposed to be out and working with the advent of the new XP technology later this month.

    That's the extent of my current knowledge on the subject.

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