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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Flagirl, Mar 7, 2001.

  1. Flagirl

    Flagirl Well-Known Member

    I just got back my Equifax report from my last round of disputes. Here's what I've got and I'd like some opinions on how my credit looks (besides being bad, I already know that! lol).

    Three collections (one is a duplicate):
    1- hospital collection- unpaid (this is the one that is duplicated right on the next line...hello! Do you think that the CRA's can figure that out?)
    2- hospital collection- paid

    Citibank AAdvantage Gold- AU- $6000 limit (R1)2 months old
    First National Bank- $500 limit (R1) 7 months old
    FCNB- closed (R1)- but says 1 time 90 days late- last reported 8/97
    First National Bank- Acct closed at customer's request (R1)
    Macy's West- paid account/zero balance (R)- no number next to it.
    Providian- $800 limit- (R1) 4 months old
    Transouth Financial- $21,545 amount of loan (I0) one month old
    Transouth Financial- $11688 amount of loan (I3)- paid account/zero balance- BUT one time 60 days late.
    First North American Nat'l Bank- (this is the worst one) Charged off account (R9)- ick!- Account transferred or sold (but all those collections are off my report).

    I would really like for someone to evaluate or give some opinions about what you think.

    Oh- I was also just approved for a Target card ($200) and a Capital One visa ($200- yippee- that's a whopper!).
  2. Dani

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    I am throwing in my $.02 worth. First, I probably would not apply for any more credit cards until your current cards are at least 18-24 months old. You have several new credit lines I would probably begin building on those. How old is the FNANB chargeoff and Transouth Financial late payment? Have you disputed the hospital duplicates with the credit bureau? Let me know and I'll be happy to help.


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