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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by steve, Aug 15, 2003.

  1. steve

    steve Well-Known Member

    Anyone know if this will still be a Citi card in the future ??? I've heard that Bank One is taking over, but I haven't received anything in the mail about this. I still send payments to Citibank.
  2. Jaboom97

    Jaboom97 Well-Known Member

    Bank One is co-branding with Sony this fall along with Star Bucks. I believe the Citi accounts will be transferred to us like Amoco Visa's/MC's were, but I am not 100% sure, so I will find out at work and advise when I know exactly what the details are.
  3. mel

    mel Well-Known Member

    OH NOOOOO! I just called Citibank to convert my Sony Card to something else and it is too late! They can't access my account to convert it. This seems strange that they can do CL increases, payments, BT but not conversions.... Was there a mailing sent about this that I somehow missed?
  4. Ron

    Ron Well-Known Member


    I still use my Sony Card and there is sill now word from Citibank. I used the card until they discontinued.

  5. eriqnoodle

    eriqnoodle Well-Known Member

    just spoke with Citi about Sony cards. it's official, well it has been, but I never actually recieved anything in the mail about it. Effective Feb 1, 2004, BankOne will now hold the Sony name, not Citibank.

    You cannot change to another Citi card because Sony actually owns all of the accounts, and Citi's hands are tied. You can either a) apply for another Citi card, which maybe difficult if you already have a lot of credit because Citi will also look at your current credit line with them, regardless of the fact that they are selling the accounts in Feb 04, or b) you can cancel the card if you really really hate BankOne.

    Curious though, i really wouldn't mind a Starbucks card, over Sony. I wonder if they would transfer the card once at BankOne, of if the rules prevent them from doing that.

    The customer service women said she was "sad to see me go."

    I love Citibank, and they love my money.
  6. steve

    steve Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know if the current reward structure will remain intact or get better once Bank One takes over ???
  7. iPoopAlot

    iPoopAlot Member

    You can read about this in detail here.

    I already received the notice from Sony and Bank One telling me that I'll get a new card in February. I'm a part of the portfolio sold to Bank One. Now that I paid the account off completely, I'm not sure what will happen... As far as the letter goes, it assured me that there won't be any interruption in service, whatever that means.
  8. iPoopAlot

    iPoopAlot Member

    If you really love Citibank, then open another account like I just did several days ago. I opened Platinum Select Dividend with an instant decision.

    BTW, the card has been reported to all credit bureau, but I have yet to receive the card. Should I be alarmed about this? Does this mean someone activated my card?

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