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    As some of you many know, I had a Spiegel account years ago ('95) that was closed due to inactivity (97-8). It's still reporting though. Well, I decided that I needed that trade line that's 6 years old (oldest is from 93)active to solidify some of my credit. I also decided that I would apply for a Speigel card and then beg them to combine the new account with the old, closed account. approved, got on the phone this am and after having to call Spiegel's financing company (1-800-925-4976)they said once a card is closed it's purged! sorry! and then they said--hhmm...can you hold one moment--I thought YIKES! they know I only have a 670 with collections and charge offs and now they're gonna deny me! (lol) Anyway, the CSR comes back on, tells me though the account is purged, they used the same account number that I had before! YIPEE! As far as I can tell, this NEW account will report the same as the OLD account, making this account that's less than 24 hrs old LOOK like it's from 95 with a totally 0 balance, totally clean payment history :)
    end of long, happy story
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    That's great Ann-Marie! Sometimes, companies are nice to customers
    after all. Capital One once gave me a new account number, but
    allowed me to keep the age on my old account number.

    It felt nice.


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