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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Scoreguy, Aug 19, 2003.

  1. Scoreguy

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    I checked my Dads Credit Report for him today and noticed he only had 3 Trade Lines. 1 of the tradelines was a negative that got reinserted. He should have about 38 total tradelines.

    I called EQ today and asked what was going on. They told me that my file is too big because of tradelines and soft's. I asked them to fix it and they told me we can't, just tell the creditor that is going to pull your credit that you have 2 files. I told
    them the are crazy and that they better fix it or I will sue them.

    Don't they have to notify me of reinserting a deleted tradeline? They deleted the tradeline last year due to the creditor not responding. Don't they have 5 days to notigy me in writing? They said they don't need 5 days if the creditor reports it again. I think what happend is that the creditor has a old address and it screwed up evertyhing on the file. The EQ supervisor said it could of split from the new address.

    I then called back and talked to EQ Customer Service person and she told me she would have all the hard inquires removed and maybee it would help. I checked after with the EQ dispute section and it say it was disputed with no date for completion for the inquires. I couldn't believe she removed the inquires.

    What do I do for my Dad. He had a perfect CR before today. I talked to many supervisors and they said their is nothing they can do and if I want to sue them, go ahead.

    Please help!!!

    GEORGE Well-Known Member


    They can REMOVE INQUIRES...they DON'T ever have to REMOVE ACCOUNTS if it is "TOO BIG"
  3. RichC

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    Can't help with the split file issue, but I'm having the same problem with Equifax about re-inserting deleted items. I have them dead to rights with documentation from them. I've called twice, been given the bums rush, and wrote a CRRR letter, and got the usual CR idiot letter that didn't deal with the issues brought up (just said the item wasn't on my report....duuuuh...I had DEMANDED to know who put it back on).

    FCRA is clear on the point, section 611 I believe.

    I'm filing a complaint about their violation(s) to the FTC, BBB and CA Attorney General, with a copy to Equifax. I'll wait a few weeks and will then file suit against Equifax, if I don't receive the information as to how the disputed item got back on my report.

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    INQUIRES are not important...ACCOUNTS ARE!!!

    "IF" they remove 100% of the inquires and there still is not enough room...then by all means remove a closed account or two...

    BUT if the inquires fit with the accounts that were there before and you added no new accounts...WHY DO THEY SAY THERE IS NOT ENOUGH ROOM???

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