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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by mt, Dec 12, 2000.

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    I have read several comments on cell phone service, etc. on the board. I have sprint pcs, and had to pay a $250 deposit in Aug. 99. I thought I would call today and ask them to refund the deposit, based on the fact that my credit has improved a great deal and that I've been a customer for over 1 yr, never late, and usually pay over the amount (not that .75 matters much). So, I call, and Sprint declares that my account has never had a deposit and I shouldn't have had to pay one to begin with. I'm like, "huh?" My AMEX bill says otherwise. What a hassle -- now if I can prove to them that I actually paid, I will get my money back... the rep stated that perhaps the deposit was for the phone, I replied, that what she said really didn't make any sense, since I totally paid for the phone... she then agreed with me.

    Any suggestions from you ex-sprint employees and others? Thanks!
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    The sprint reps are notoriousl

    Dont listen to the sprint reps. It has been my experience that the sprint reps are some of the dumbest reps I have ever dealt with. I love the service etc, etc. But many of their reps are morons. I would call back and speak with a rep or ask to be transferred to their bill dispute dept. Good LUck.

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    Did you pay your deposit at Radio Shack or over the phone with a representative? If the latter, I would suggest you call back and ask to speak to someone in the credit dept. Explain when you paid your deposit & how much. They may need your credit card number, but they should be able to research your deposit. It is obviously a misapplied payment. If the rep cannot assist you, ask for a supervisor.
    If you paid your deposit at Radio Shack, see if you can find your receipt. There is a reference # or something like that on the receipt. The Sprint rep should be able to assist you with that. Good luck!

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