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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by phxbbw6ft1, Nov 6, 2001.

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    I have (1) healthcare coll for $50 open date 11/98(2)Ic system $98 11/98 (3)Providian $789 3-99 (4) Unique national coll $ 85 from 10/98 (5) Wells fargo $396 from 6/96 (6) Well fargo again $366 from 6/96 and I have a Judgement filed on 9/97.....thats all on my report..what do I start with first any ideas??
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    I would first start with the judgment. It is the most damaging thing on your reports. When I had an unpaid judgment on my reports (TU and EXPN) I could not hardly get ANY credit. The only reason why I did get any credit was because most of the creditors used Equifax. The only one's that didn't were MBNA and Victoria's Secret.
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    Another thing you need to find out is which of these accounts are the same. Are the wells fargos just one account? Is 1, 2 and 4 the same?

    One important piece of information in how you are going to proceed is how much money you have to pay these debt (in exchange for deletion).

    Also, does your personal ethics make you feel compelled to pay the debt you created? Or do you have some way to rationalize not paying (ie. they already charged enough in interest and fees, or they were harassing you so they owe you, or whatever)?

    Also, what is your goal in cleaning up your report? To make good on your past financial mistakes? To buy a house or car? To get more credit cards? Just for the sport of it?

  4. phxbbw6ft1

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    All accounts are seperate. The reason I'm working on my credit is so I'm able to one day buy a house.
  5. bbauer

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    Your judgment was very different from hers. Here is why.

    Her judgment is the result of a problem with her landlord. So she cannot approach her problem the way yours could be approached. It's real easy to get a collection type judgment voided. The reasons are almost legion. That's not normally true with landlord/tenant related judgments. That's because the law and the courts make it so easy for landlords to collect on their rents. The forms are all there at the court and they are simple to fill out and the courts are very helpful to landlords. There are seldom if ever any errors to attack and the landlords seldom use attorneys to get their demands met.

    There is really only one way to get that type of judgment off your records that I am aware of, but it's pretty easy to do. All you have to do is to offer to pay the landlord in full with a US Postal Money order (only, no other payment method under any conditions) under the condition that he write a simple little agreement and sign it and have it notarized. Here is the agreement you want.

    I,____________________ do hereby agree to accept immediate payment in full in satisfaction of judgment # 1234567 and furthermore agree that I will not discuss this matter with anyone under any conditions whatsoever in the future.

    Signed ____________________________

    Just don't send him the actual wording you want. Make your letter sound like just a simple request and not some big legal beagle deal like the example above would appear to be. If you send him some kind of legal beagle deal then it will raise his suspicions that you might be planning to play some kind of dirty trick on him and he won't do it. So make it sound like just a pleasant little agreement that couldn't hurt nobody. Tell him you only want it notarized so you can present it to the court and get them to release the judgment as having been satisfied. Tell him you will be glad to do that so he don't have to waste his time to go do it and that you are sorry you have given him so much trouble but you just couldn't help it.

    Next, you conveniently forget about notifying the court that the judgment has been paid. Let the judgment as is.

    Then you simply write to the credit bureau and ask them to verify the debt. Of course they will verify the judgment. So you demand to know the name, address and company phone number of the person who verified the debt. If it was the court then you have the proof that the judgment is paid in full and the credit bureau is reporting wrong information. If it was the landlord that verified it, he broke his contract with you because he agreed not to discuss the matter with anyone in the future.

    It still might be a bit of a hassle, but at least you have paid the debt and you can feel good about that and with just a bit of luck you can get it off your credit bureau files too because of incorrect information if that turns out to be the case.

    It's not a real strong way to go about it, but it's better than a mouth full of lies or a mouth full of nothing but your teeth and stammers.
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    Is IC Systems the collection agency? If so, I can give you some advice.

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