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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by MikeM23, Jan 21, 2001.

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    Hi everyone,
    I've been reading this board for a few weeks now, and I've learned alot. I've been really inspired by all of your success stories! I have viewed 2 of my 3 reports online so far, and both looked about the same. I thought I would post my details here, so you folks can help me with where to start (please!). I tried chat tonight, but I was the only beginner, so I decided to try here instead. thanks alot!

    1. I have a Chase credit card which was cancelled by them for late payments. It hasn't been charged off or sent to collections, but I almost wish it would because then I wouldn't be paying over the limit and late fees every month. The original limit was 1,200 I think, and it's current balance is almost 3500! In the last 7 years, I have been 30 days delinquent 12 times, 60 days 5 times, and 30 days once. My last time late was 30 days in July of 1999. I have sent 100 a month without fail for the last 2 years at least (excepting that one month) and the balance is either static or rising slightly.

    2. I had a Citibank account which was sent to collections. It was paid in the beginning of 1998, and shows 4 60 day delinquents and 1 90 day.

    3. I have a charged off phone bill, which currently belongs to someplace in California. The balance is 813.00, and the last date of activity is 8/95. The statute of limitations doesn't expire for another 5 months, which worries me alot. I have never heard of or from the company in CA, incidentally.

    My main positive is a providian account which I opened in July 1999. The balance after my next payment clears will be 650 dollars, with a 1228 limit. Its been about maxed awhile, but I just sent a big payment (for me anyways!). I also have a student loan which is currently deferred, but has never been late, as well as some other positives that were closed by me. Please help! Mike
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    RE: Starting Credit Repair--Pl

    Start with that phone bill, dispute that as "not mine". If you never lived in Calif. It should be easy to get that removed. Does it appear on all 3 reports? Have you tried negotiating with Chase to reduce your interest rate? Sometimes talking to the creditor helps. They want to see this debt go away as much as you do. Your collection account is paid, I don't think there is much you can do with this one except dispute and hope that Citibank doesn't respond. From what I've seen on this board, That doesn't seen to happen with them. Citibank keeps their record indefinately. I can't offer much help on this one. Good Luck and Welcome to the board.
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    RE: Starting Credit Repair--Pl

    I spoke with a rep at Chase tonight, who called me, so I expect it was someone low on the food chain. I have never been more discouraged in my life. The balance is approximately 3600 currently. I am paying 90 dollars in interest per month, plus over the limit fees. So if I send 100 a month (which I have been) the balance actually goes up! I tried to get them to stem the charges to a rate where I could get this paid off in a couple years, and offered to send 200 a month if they would do this. The woman was not interested in the slightest. She said they won't put me on a program because my credit isn't really bad enough (ha!). She said I could go to CCCS and probably get it reduced to 6%, but that would be bad for my credit rating and would cost me my other card wouldn't it? Could I hire a negotiator for this? The problem is, I'm a full time student and have very little extra cash to use as leverage. Any advice PLEASE?
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    RE: Starting Credit Repair--Pl

    I would try calling them back and asking for a supervisor, and keep trying until you get someone that will work with you. You are willing to pay but if they keep tacking on late fees and over the limit fees you will never get this down.

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