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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Darrell, Jul 24, 2001.

  1. Darrell

    Darrell Member

    I am planning on getting started with Lexington Law Firm today. They seem to get the most positive and least negative comments, although none have gotten perfect reviews.

    Any recommendations on things to watch for, and how they can be prevented. John recommended that I white-out positive credit so it doesn't accidently get deleted. Has anyone else tried that?

  2. Laray

    Laray Well-Known Member

    I have positives and negatives, lately is has been negative:

    Enrolled March 17, 2001

    End March: Sent out my 3-1 credit reports
    They never took payments out of my account (retainer and monthly fees), I kept getting messages that my payments were not going through and I would have to pay all these fees to stay in the program, called to get that straightened out, then the same thing happened again.

    (May/June)They were not good with returning calls or emails.

    (Entire time)Their tactic seemed to be trying to delete whole accounts rather than whats negative on them

    (Results end May)First round: 9 accounts disputed and 4 deleted only for one to be reinserted three days later.

    Someone called at work in June, said they were fixing the money problem after i received an email saying I was being dropped for non payment (even though the woman who i gave my information to was switching my account and routing number) The man that called me at work said that they had my form of payment listed as mastercard (i dont own a mastercard).

    (Results Mid July) At the end of Round 2....Equifax, only one account disputed and one disputed with experian, neither were deleted putting me at 3 for 11 overall.

    At the time I am not paying for the program since everything was so messed up they waived my fee until August.

    Side notes, with each CRA, they are disputing five accoutns total I was told in a report sent to me by the main attorney. With Experian they would rather dispute an accoutn I made perfect payments (0 lates) on but was charged off because I went into credit counselling rather than delete a collection that has already been deleted off of the other two accounts. Nothing has been deleted off of experian to date and my experian score is just getting lower, with a FICO difference of over 50 points between Exp and Equ.
  3. Darrell

    Darrell Member

    It almost seems like it is faster (although more time consuming) to do it myself rather than using Lex. Is there any way to keep Lex accountible and on the ball?
  4. supershawn

    supershawn Well-Known Member

    Lex was MUCH faster at the end of my time with them (recently) then when I started.

    However, I would only recommend them if you can't possibly find any time to do it yourself. They seem to just flat dispute EVERYTHING on your report, even positives. I had THREE positives removed from my reports, two being car loans over 15k, paid in full, no lates ( I would have to think that had a negative impact on my score).

    Also, they ignore you when you ask for the promised refund afterwards.

    I know people have had good and bad experiences with them, as would be expected with any businesses, I just think there are better ways to do it. I honestly believe that adding 'personal touches', i.e. something directly related to you or the account, get a much better response than a straight form letter that those guys send out.

    Anyway, that's just my opinion.

  5. Donna

    Donna Well-Known Member

    During the seven months I was with Lexington, the reports I faxed in kept getting lost and, because of the slow Email response time, it would often take a month to confirm that the faxed documents had been misplaced.

    Additionally, Lexington's efforts at disputing were unsuccessful. Seven months of work didn't yield any deletions. In fact, I never even heard from any of the three bureaus.

    Obviously, others on this board have had a more positive Lexington experience. I'm only telling you what I would want to be told if I were contemplating signing up with them. It's always good to hear both sides.


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