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    I never filed tax returns in co. from 1998 to1991. Would I still be liable after this amount of time for the taxes if I returned to th state?
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    RE: statute of limitations on

    I can't speak to Colorado specifically. Under federal law, the time to enforce payment of a tax does not even begin to run until a return is filed. Once that happens and the taxes are assessed, the taxpayer will get a bill and the collection period begins to run. The federal period is ten years. The period may be renewed for additional periods of ten years if the IRS takes timely action to renew. If Colorado works like this, you would have to take care of it.

    If you filed a federal tax return listing a Colorado addresss, the state already knows you didn't file. Federal and state taxing authorities cross-check income tax returns.

    You should contact a lawyer in Colorado to discuss your options. The lawyer should have a thorough understanding of both tax law and criminal law. You will want to find out if the state has an amnesty program, get information on the state's criminal enforcement policies, and if any penalties and interest may be reduced and a payment plan set up. Failure to file a return is not necessarily a crime but you need good legal advice about how to proceed from this point so that you do not unwittingly harm your own interests. There are potential Fifth Amendment issues involved. Don't try to handle this yourself. Get a lawyer.

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