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    I too have been considering using a credit repair company. I couldn't quite get myself to split with 200-300 up front on top of the other fees too, so I was very interested when I came across your post regarding Junum.
    I called them and they sound pretty impressive. Can you tell more about the results you have had with them? Such as how much and how fast is your negative info coming off? How many months have you been with them? If anyone else has used junum please let me know what you think also. Thanks for posting that message steve1040.
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    Like I said in my post they had to reorder my credit reports. For the error the gave me free months.

    I just sent in my credit reports, I'm waiting to see what happens. I've been with them for three months. the first month was spent setting up my account _ Power of attorney, etc.

    SO to be perfectly clear to date I haven't seen anything yet but I feel a little better because I'm not spending 75.00 or 100.00 a moonth wondering or waiting


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