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  1. muf_fin@3

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    I have a tax lien that came back as paid on EQ, deleted on TU and verified on EX, what can I do to get it reported as a "Paid Lien Release" on EX without sending in my proof that it was paid as EX have recommended?
  2. jlynn

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    Send a procedures asking how they verified it was unpaid.
  3. crowmom

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    Oh, so Exp asked for proof from you? Thats odd, because if you DO provide proof, THEY DONT USE IT. (I'm not trying to sound nasty toward you. Thats my hostility toward Exp youre feeling.) I'm going thru the same thing--AGAIN with Exp. I sent proof that a TL needed to be deleted (a request directly from the OC). Equifax and TU deleted, but today i get a letter from Exp saying:

    "We're too stupid to read and/or use the obvious proof you sent us. We'll tell you that we need to contact the source, but we won't. Please stick your finger up your butt for 30 days, and then expect a letter from us stating that the account remains."

    ack! i hate them.

    Go ahead and send the procedure request, but don't expect any results from that either. Go ahead and send proof if you want, but basically with Exp, you need to dispute about 5 times, request procedure, send proof, and finally send a nasty intent to sue letter before they do anything. don't be surprised if it takes about 5 months to get something removed/updated. (that's been my experience anyway.)

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