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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by linlin08, Jul 31, 2008.

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    I am attempting to consolidate $50,000 of private student loans at a better interest rate (they got me at a whopping 11.5%!!!).

    I have been conditionally approved by Chase at a great rate w/o origination fees (LIBOR + 3.27%) based on my stated income of $45K.

    The problem is they want proof. I do make that much, more even because of freelance work and tips at my second restaurant job. I don't claim all of my tips (who does) and because I haven't been doing freelance very long, I don't have tax returns to show it. My last restaurant paystub shows $60 in hourly. My fulltime job is with a small firm where I make 35K. The paystub I get is a printout from Quicken that doesn't list the name or number of where I work.

    So essentially I just need to prove the extra 10K.

    Oh and they won't take bank statements. they say that won't prove where the money came from. I say- what does it matter? If I'm making the money, I can pay them back.

    The woman who helped me apply was aware that I quit my last restaurant where I worked over a year back in March. That shows better income but not much.

    How do I prove the 45K? I realize it is illegal to falsify proof, but I'm desperate to get approved for this loan.

    Any suggestions???

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