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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by CCollector, Sep 19, 2003.

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    Because my fiancee has been out of work since July, I've been paying her car payment and credit card bills on top of mine. She also has a $50/month student loan from the first college she went to and she hasn't paid it in 3 months. So she got a bill two days ago that basically says pay us $150 or we're reporting you to the credit bureau.

    How can we deal with this? Our credit is flawless right now.
  2. CCollector

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    No student loan expert but, can she place the loans in deferment?
    As to the here and now, can she borrow $150 from her folks to keep it from going on her report?
    I'd also advise her to get a job-anything to start bring some money in and take the pressure off of you. You two are playing it way to close to the edge. As my grandfather used to say, "that girl needs a job of work"! Until she hears something from the bank, she needs to flip burgers at McDonalds-anything to bring in some cash.

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