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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by dp, Mar 2, 2001.

  1. dp

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    I have 2 Student Loans:
    1st is a Perkins Loan through the University $435 Original Balance and now is $642 with interest.

    2nd is a Student Loan through Dept. of Ed. $555 Original Balance and now $620

    I also have a University Bursar acct. with a Balance of $1099.

    All three are on my credit reports and I am willing to pay them off, but the Reps from each loan say they can only report paid to the CRAs. The problem is I've had 30-120 day lates on the accts. and all 3 reps strongly refuse to delete any lates on the accts for full pyt. They say that with the paid on the acct that I could explain the problems we had to the mortgager in the future.

    I am looking at buying a house later this year and I want to qualify for an FHA loan. What are your recommendations?
  2. Slim Shady

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    Re: Student Loan payoff Questi

    This board is for people with credit scores of 750 and above only! With those "bad" student loans you do not qualify to post questions here. Please go to:

    Thank you, but you are not wanted here.
  3. Doris K.

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    Re: Student Loan payoff Questi

    Usually, when you pay off student loans, they will remove any negative information from your credit reports if you request it. They won't tell you this until AFTER it's paid in full. As long as you're willing to get this taken care of, you shouldn't have any problems.

    By the way, Slim Shady above really needs to sit down! Only the REAL Slim Shady was asked to stand up!
  4. Nave

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    Re: Student Loan payoff Questi

    Ignore this Slim Shady and be suspect of any posts from ( They appear to be harassing rantings from a nut case that frequents this board. -Dave
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    Re: Student Loan payoff Questi

    Great line, Doris! I'm falling over laughing. Glad we have you here to get rid of unwanted jerks on this site!!

    BTW, Slime Shady - Hardly anyone here has a 750+ FICO. This board is for ANYONE who wants to improve their scores, except for "shady" people who post negative and deceitful info.

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