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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Steve Ande, Jul 6, 2000.

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    I want to pick your brain on a certain subject since you worked for one of the credit bureaus. You mentioned before that Sallie Mae was notorious for billing people collection fees by mistake (but on purpose). Supposedly, it wasn't that guarantee agencies fault in Texas because they just had to do what they were supposed to. So, I wrote Sallie Mae asking about that. They said the never charge collection fees. Collection fees are charged by the guarantor. Is it possible that you got confused about who was billing the collection fees mistakenly on purpose? Also, can you tell me any stories about people being overcharged commissions, defaulted when they weren't reall in default, and billed collection fees after entering into repayment plans that already included the collection fees and/or being told later that a settlement was accepted on thier account when that actually never happened. All these things happened to me. I'm just curious to know what sort of circumstances surround these events. Thanks in advance. Steve
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    RE: Student Loan Scams-Doris,

    As I mentioned before, all the information I got was hearsay. From what I gathered, the amout of the loan almost doubled BEFORE it was assigned to the guarantor. The amount was billed by SALLIEMAE, full payment due before the assignment. That much I remember hearing on several occasions. Perhaps laws or policies have changed since I worked for the Trans Union affiliate.

    Years have transpired since I last heard of such a thing, so I'm afraid to attempt to recount the stories too deeply because they probably won't be reliable. You need much more reliable information than I can provide.
    My job with the Houston area Retail Merchant's Association included showing the client his/her credit file and answering simple questions about the form. I wasn't at liberty to discuss individual items with customers; however, they often volunteered detailed comments to me. All I could do was smile and nod my head. From there, I could fill out a dispute request which was turned over to Trans Union for investigation. Our office didn't handle them.

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