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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by moneyelf, Sep 18, 2003.

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    Giving it another shot. If anyone has good info for me about what this I am all ears. Thank you :)

    Student loans:help deleting duplicate items

    Specifically, How does one BEST get rid of duplicates of student loans reported? Some of them are definitley thinly disguised duplicates, if not all of them (as is one tax lien reported by two different gov't entities).

    I have searched on the site but haven't yet found anything I could use.

    Can I somehow dispute them all at once effectively? There are least 12 altogether including the duplicates. I have a hard time believing the CRA's could find legal documentation to support these items. My loan is now consolidated and deferred so the correct item showing that is listed shows as current and never late. Old items re: this dated as follows (all of them!)

    opened 1998
    reported since 1999
    date of status 2000
    last reported 2000 (and during a month that has passed on this year's calendar)

    the (cautious) moneyelf
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    I just finished my little episode with my student loans, but my situation was a bit different. I learned that they report the number of "promissory notes", and thats probably why they show up so many times on your credit report. I thought I only had one loan but since there were 2 notes, it shows up as 2 collections on my credit report. At any rate, these are pretty difficult to get removed, especially if they are yours. You can try to dispute all of them as not being yours, but more than likely they will verify it to be correct and then you're outta luck. With my loans they were showing up as currently being past due, and everytime I would apply for credit I would get denied because of so called "serious delinquencies" on my file. I got really lucky and found someone at the collection agency to write me a letter stating that I paid the account as agreed. I forwarded the letter to equifax, and not its been updated to reflect paid as agreed. Its not as good as getting it paid off, but it will have to do. :) If you payed off the loans already then make some calls and see if you find someone willing to help.

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