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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by KHM, Oct 12, 2001.

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    My husband ordered a copy of his credit report through all 3 bureaus, we have lived at this address for 5 years and have ordered numerous copies from this address, when he ordered them he got a plain letter stating that our address is not the address we have on file, from all 3 bureaus.(they sent this letter to the REAL address) We paid $8.50 for each report, I disputed it with my bank cause we never received them, but the CRA are saying we did. Come to find out they sent the reports to our old address. Because of this he had to put a Fraud Alert on all 3 CRAs. Well the FTC said to mail them a copy of our bank statement which I did about a month ago, I called all 3 CRAs and they ALL said they need more proof. What am I to do next? The money that I have spent on certified return crap is getting to be a little much, its beginning to make me extremely mad.
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    You might really have a fraud situation. Try sending a copy of a utility bill (black out amounts, etc.) just showing the utility company, your name and address, and if you have a scanner, scan a copy of your driver's license. and include a copy of an old credit report that came to this address, if you have one. And tell them you are truly concerned about fraud and you are going to contact an attorney. They usually listen when you say that.

    You know mailing lists don't update stuff, and someone at your old address could have gotten mail that contained your information.

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