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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by DaveLV, Aug 29, 2001.

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    I have an auto loan through AmeriCredit that had been reporting a 30 day late payment from March of 2000. The payment that month really was 30 days late, but only because I had included as part of the payment several checks that were made out to me which I endorsed and figured AmeriCredit would accept. At the time I didn't have a checking account and would frequently use checks that people would write to me as payment on credit card accounts. I'd never had a problem with Capital One or Providian while doing this.

    AmeriCredit held the checks for several weeks and then returned them to me with a letter explaining they could not accept them as payment. Meanwhile my payment became 30 days late and I was reported.

    In May I sent AmeriCredit a certified letter explaining this and asking them to remove the 30 day late notation. I never received a reply. In July I sent a letter through Planet Feedback and still did not receive a reply. Last night I resent the same letter through Planet Feedback and got a call at 7am today from Amy Cox at AmeriCredit. She said that they are removing the late pay from their internal records and are also updating the CRAs. My auto loan will now show over three years of perfect payments.

    BUT. In the meantime Lexington has disputed this tradeline with all three bureaus. Trans Union and Equifax deleted it. Experian just verified it this week, so it's still there showing the 30 day late. I know Experian will get the correction and report the account as positive but I am now facing the problem of how I'm going to get Equifax and Trans Union to begin reporting it again.

    Has anyone here been in this situation before and managed to get accounts like this reported after they'd been deleted?
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    With Equifax, it should just re-appear if Americredit keeps updating monthly. With Trans Union, you will have to call them and demand that they re-insert it. TU did that with a car loan of mine - and I got it reinserted about 4 months later. You may need to convey "sincere frustration and anger" with TU reps/supervisors, though that shouldn't be hard to do since I'm sure you actually feel that way (and understandably so).

    Hope it works for you,
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    This is the kind of H S we are overcharged on credit and insurance on!======

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