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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by PSUgirl, May 18, 2001.

  1. PSUgirl

    PSUgirl Guest

    Got an updated copy of my equifax report.


    Equifax deleted my mbna credit card lates to showing NO lates.
    -it was reporting 2-30day, 3-60days, 7-90+days, 120 in 11/99. I have been current on the account for 1 year and 1 month now with no lates.

    Equifax changed my mbna credit card status of "closed by credit grantor" to "closed by consumer"

    Equifax changed my mbna loan status of "charge off" account to "paid charge off"
    -i guess this is good for now untill i disput to get it deleted.
    -this is also great because it was a settled account ans should be reported as settled charge off not paid charge off!.

    Now, only
    -one account that is negative, the charge off!
    -one account that states "closed at grantors request"-att, but account paid off and reporting with no lates"
    -21 inquires (in last 12 months)

  2. Squawk1200

    Squawk1200 Well-Known Member

    Now that's amazing -- I wish I had your secret! I;ve been trying to get some 1998 lates off for a year an they keep coming back verified :(. Ah, well . . .
  3. PSUgirl

    PSUgirl Guest

    My secret was to stop disputing with equifax, and start disputing with mbna.

    Cut out the middle man, and take your story straight to the top. Get in touch with the executive offices and even the ceo if all possible.

    Also, I had a history with mbna, my first card....ive allway updated them on my status...what kind of income im getting during school time, if i move, current debt situation. That REALLY helps, creditors like when you keep them inform of your situations, good or bad.

    So, when my story finally got to the executive offices, all of my past was typed into my notes. I think that is what trigered the change. They also sent me a letter stating that they were conducting the chage and removing the lates!

  4. Mozilla

    Mozilla Well-Known Member

    How does the paid charge off show? Is it an I9?
  5. PSUgirl

    PSUgirl Guest

    No it shows, R9
  6. PSUgirl

    PSUgirl Guest

    It has always showed as R9, it just now says PAID CHARGE OFF instead of CHARGE OFF

    Frankly, I havent even sent the settlement check out yet, will tomorrow...its due May 25th


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