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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by judyputy, Feb 20, 2001.

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    Received my updated report from Transunion today. They deleted one trade line as asked...a CC that was sold and still listed as open with a huge balance. They also updated my sold mortgage and all the little retail accounts that were still listed as open, but really closed. I am very impressed. They were very easy to work with as sent me update letters each time they received anything.

    One last thing to do is another letter to Providian (do I hate these people) asking or demanding that they update my report. Last update was 11/1999 and I owe barely 1/3 of whats showing on my report.

    Now just to wait for Experian and Equifax. Experian has already been updated once, but I had to re-dispute one item. The one I am worried about most is Equifax. They are the CRA of choice pulled here in VA and I really don't want to have to get ugly if they don't accept anything.

    I'll keep you all posted! Thanks for the support.

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    RE: Success with Transunion di

    Judy, if you go to I believe you can write directly to a supervisor and they also list a phone number which you can speak directly to a person. This is how I finally got them to remove an incorrect late pay.

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    Good work, Judy! I'm delighted to hear about your success.

    And I agree: Transunion is the easiest of the three bureaus to work with. At first, I thought Equifax was going to be the easiest, because they granted my first deletion, but not so. Since that time, they've been really hard to budge!

    With Transunion, I got off to a slow start but now my report is looking pretty good. There is only one negative left and it isn't even all that bad.

    Keep us posted. I hope Equifax and Experian come through for you, too.


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